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The Technology-Supported Learning Database is designed to make effective technology-facilitated teaching ideas, reusable and sharable. The database seeks to share good teaching ideas. The learning activities in this database have been supplied by teachers who are keen to see them used freely by others.

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Browse and search the database

The activities can be browsed and searched to discover those that might be used or modified. Browsing and searching do not require the user to be logged in.

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Add an activity

Teachers can add their own innovative activities to the database. Adding simply requires registering a name and password and logging in. Once registered in this way, users can add activities, maintain their entries, and rate other activities.

When adding activities, it is important to complete all the fields as descriptively as possible to allow others to understand the activity. ??When an activity is first submitted, a Moderator will activate the entry, which may take up to 24 hours. Once activated, the activity can then be viewed by others and edited at any time by the activity owner.

Rate an activity

The rating facility allows teachers to rate activities that they feel have strong prospects for sharing reuse. The rating is intended to help identify strong activities in the database. Rating requires teachers to login.

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Feedback Welcome

We are very happy to receive your comments and feedback on strategies that might improve the functionality and effectiveness of this resource.  Click here to offer advice, comments and to make some suggestions.

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